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Reducing Carbon and Climate Change

Maybe a major cause of climate change is how we cultivate agricultural lands, throughout the world. Is the solution to the problem of atmospheric carbon, climate change and water quality, beneath our feet? Watch this 40 minute video by UBC’s Dr. Phil Gregory  The Magic of Soil. It may give us solutions to reduce atmospheric carbon and put it back into the soil, the way nature intended it. Enjoy. Dr. Phil Gregory, University of British Columbia.

KLSA Paleo Study Information

Here is further information on the latest KLSA project in conjunction with Trent University, Queens University, Kawartha Conservation and the Stony Lake Heritage Foundation. This Kawartha Lakes, Paleolimnological Study has started already with the collection of the three sediment cores, obtained in Cameron, Pigeon and Stony Lakes. KLSA has funds to complete the study on two of the sediment cores with the third being completed when additional funds are raised. KLSA continues to fundraise in support of this project and your donations would be greatly appreciated.

KLSA Paleo June 18 2016