What can you do?

Be a responsible shoreline resident:

  • Keep your septic system in good repair.
  • Use phosphate-free products.
  • Keep your shoreline natural to discourage waterfowl from coming ashore.
  • Plant a buffer zone of low, native plants along your shore. The buffer zone will also help to prevent runoff from lawns and pathways.
  • Avoid using fertilizers, which encourage water weed growth.
  • Do not use herbicides to reduce weed growth.
  • Report invasive species.
  • Collect and remove floating weeds promptly.
  • For excellent information on most of the above, visit Peterborough Greenup.
  • For an excellent fact sheet on Who to Call for shoreline improvements and permits in the Kawarthas, click here. The guide was prepared by our friends at Lakeland Alliance.

For more detailed information on most of the above visit our Shoreline Naturalization page.

Become a KLSA volunteer

  • Test for E. coli or phosphorus on your lake.  Use the contact address below if you’re interested.
  • This year’s volunteers: review testing instructions here.
  • Identify and report on macrophytes (water plants) near your cottage. There is a specific monthly protocol during the warm months.
  • Become involved on the Board or its committees:
    • Report writing and editing
    • Fund raising
    • Help connect KLSA and your ratepayer organization

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would like to become involved.


Monitoring and Sustaining the Health of the Kawartha Lakes

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