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You can join the Kawartha Lakes Stewardship Association (KLSA) by attending one of our Spring or Fall meetings and completing an application, or by completing this KLSA Donation form and mailing it to:

Kawartha Lake Stewards Association
c/o 264 Bass Lake Rd.
Trent Lakes, ON, K0M 1A0

Your donation by cheque may be mailed along with the form.
Note that effective 2016 there is no fee for membership in the Association.

Donate to KLSA

We encourage you to make a donation to KLSA to help with the cost of our programs. If you wish to make a donation to the KLSA, you can do so online using e-Transfer from your financial institution.
For instructions, please send us an email at . To send us a cheque, please complete this KLSA Donation form and mail the form with a cheque, payable to Kawartha Lake Stewards Association, to the above address.
Note that KLSA is not able to issue charitable tax receipts for personal donations.

Membership Backgrounder

The work of the KLSA is documented in a series of Annual Lake Water Quality Reports as well as the 2009 Aquatic Plants Guide, the 2011 Guide to the Watermilfoil Weevil, the 2012 The Algae of the Kawartha Lakes, the 2018 KLSA and Fleming College Dissolved O2 Report, and the 2018 KLSA and Queen’s University (PEARL) Paleolimnology Study, all of which are specific to the Kawartha Lakes. The organization is well-recognized and was the winner of the Kawartha Conservation 2012 Community Conservationist Award, the Cottage Life 2008 Green Cottager Award and the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association’s 2002 Jerry Strickland Award. The Kawartha Lakes Stewards Association (KLSA) is a non-profit, completely volunteer organization of cottagers and year-round residents formed to monitor the water quality of the Kawartha Lakes. The organization was formed in 2001 and over the years has conducted water testing and sponsored a number of scientific studies focused on improving and sustaining the health of the Kawartha Lakes. We work co-operatively with the Trent-Severn Waterway, area Municipalities, Conservation Authorities, Trent University, Fleming College, Queen’s University and other partners.

Historically, KLSA has funded its work with donations from individuals, businesses and local groups, and with grants from local governments and organizations such as the Trent-Severn Waterway and The Ontario Trillium Foundation. In the current fiscal climate, there is a concern that some of these grants will be more difficult to secure.

Starting in 2016, NO COST FOR MEMBERSHIP

In addition to funding concerns, forthcoming legislation regarding not-for-profit organizations requires that the KLSA develop a more structured membership policy. As a result, the KLSA Board of Directors decided on a paid membership effective in 2014. That paid membership continued through 2015 and was limited to two categories – Individual and Student. Starting in 2016, membership will be at no cost and those that attend one of our meetings and fill out a membership form will be welcomed to KLSA. Members will be entitled to vote at the KLSA Annual General Meeting and can pick up a printed copy of the Annual Lake Water Quality Report at the Spring or Fall meeting of the following year. In addition, if you join the KLSA in 2020 you can indicate that you would like a printed copy of the report mailed to you, when the 2020 Annual Report is published in April 2021. We encourage you to make  donation to help with the cost of printing ($2 ea.) and mailing ($5 ea.). You can also pick up a copy of the report at our public meetings.

If you have benefited from KLSA reports, and if you want to keep our future work in the public eye, please join the KLSA and consider making a donation. Run by volunteers, KLSA provides excellent value for every dollar it receives, and gratefully acknowledges every donor.


Monitoring and Sustaining the Health of the Kawartha Lakes

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