2022 Volunteer Instructions and Chain of Custody Reports

The Volunteer Instructions for E coli testing this year are available here and also on the Resources page. Note the E coli sampling dates have changes, due to the calendar shifting and the reduction to only five sample dates this year.  The payment form for E coli is front and centre with new contact information, and payment is due by July 15, 2022.
The SGS Lab Chain of Custody form for 2022 is available here.  Please do not use CofC forms from previous years. Remember to give SGS at least 3 days notice for bottle pick up, as in 2021, due to COVID.  CofC forms are provided by the lab along with the bottles. Email contact information is provided for SGS Lakefield on the Annex A page of the instructions.  All samples for 2022 are taken to the SGS Lakefield lab.


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