Let the Games Begin!!! Introducing the KLSA Aquatic Plant Contest.

Let’s have some fun learning about the amazing aquatic plants found in our Kawartha Lakes!  When you are on your dock, out in your canoe, or quietly fishing, look down into the water. What do you see? We want to know!  

For instructions on how to participate please click the link. https://klsa.files.wordpress.com/2023/06/aquatic-plant-contest-poster-2.pdf

For a list of 30 of the most common aquatic plants found in the Kawartha Lakes click the link. https://klsa.files.wordpress.com/2023/05/klsa-aquatic-plant-checklist-3-1.pdf

Each week KLSA will be featuring a different aquatic plant species on our Facebook page. Check it out and then see if you can find it in your lake!!!


KLSA Annual Spring Meeting, May 6th, 2023

You are cordially invited to join us for our 2023 Kawartha Lake Stewards Association Annual Spring Meeting! We are pleased to offer both in-person and virtual options. Our in-person meeting will be held at the Buckhorn Community Centre, 1782 Lakehurst Rd. Buckhorn, from 10am-12pm.

Whether you’d like to join us in-person or virtually, please register by clicking on the Eventbrite link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kawartha-lakes-stewards-association-spring-meeting-2023-tickets-609624151247.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at: klsa@klsa.info and we’ll be happy to help! Hope you can join us!

The Importance of Water

April 3, 2023, 7pm at the Buckhorn Community Centre

The Buckhorn Ratepayers Association’s Spring Meeting is open to the public and will include two interesting presentations. Brittany Taylor will be conducting a sacred water circle and discussing the importance of water in First Nations’ culture. KLSA’s own Dr. Bob Bailey will be discussing KLSA’s work in the Kawarthas.

2022 Volunteer Instructions and Chain of Custody Reports

The Volunteer Instructions for E coli testing this year are available here and also on the Resources page. Note the E coli sampling dates have changes, due to the calendar shifting and the reduction to only five sample dates this year.  The payment form for E coli is front and centre with new contact information, and payment is due by July 15, 2022.
The SGS Lab Chain of Custody form for 2022 is available here.  Please do not use CofC forms from previous years. Remember to give SGS at least 3 days notice for bottle pick up, as in 2021, due to COVID.  CofC forms are provided by the lab along with the bottles. Email contact information is provided for SGS Lakefield on the Annex A page of the instructions.  All samples for 2022 are taken to the SGS Lakefield lab.

KLSA Spring 2022 Meeting Video

The video of the Spring 2022 meeting is now available by clicking on the Meeting Videos on the upper right menu. The Fall 2021 AGM video has also been added to that page.

2021 Lake Water Quality Report

The 2021 report, “Lake Stewardship in Action” is now available here or on the Published Material page. The printed versions were received just prior to the Spring Meeting on May 14th, and are being distributed for pick up at many locations in the area. Stay tuned for an update where they are available and how to get bulk copies for distribution to your Lake Association.

KLSA Spring Meeting May 14, 2022

You are cordially invited to join us for our 2022 Kawartha Lake Stewards Association Annual Spring Meeting! Due to current Covid-19 conditions this will be a virtual meeting. Please follow this link to register at the Eventbrite site. The link to join the Zoom meeting will be sent to you before the meeting. Even though it’s a virtual meeting we’d really love to see you!

Carol Cole, Secretary. If you have trouble accessing the meeting please contact Carol.Cole@klsa.info

Monitoring and Sustaining the Health of the Kawartha Lakes